Thursday, October 1, 2015

Michael's 11th Minecraft Party!

Let me just start this post off by letting you all know two things. One: I know absolutely nothing about Minecraft! Two: I am still learning my camera even almost a year later haha! Don't you judge me lol. Michael really wanted a Minecraft party, so I definitely had to wing it.

He got some really cool gifts this year, like UT football tickets, a UT jacket, and a personalized Minecraft painting I had a friend do! I probably should've gotten him something else, now I don't know what to do for Christmas haha!

Singing Happy Birthday!

For party favors I made perler bead keychains to look like the Minecraft characters!

We had the boys build a fort! I collected lots of boxes from my job. Working in a restaurant definitely pays off haha!

Once again my cake lady came through! 

The girls were building an um...castle?!

Chicken nuggets and mini corn dogs were on the menu, I tried to keep it somewhat themed!


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  1. The minecraft theme party is looking awesome. All arrangements and efforts are visible. The cake is simply adorable. Recently threw my nephew a birthday party at LA event venues. Had spider man theme party. It was not so hard to arrange as was greatly helped by my friends.