Sunday, June 24, 2012

The RIGHT way to eat an oreo..

The other day I gave Elizabeth oreos for the first time ever.... and this is what happened haha!

Not only did she get it all over her face and hands...

She also had it ALL over her clothes, the highchair, and in her hair haha! I had to give her a bath immediately afterwards, and that was only from eating two oreos... imagine how messy it would've been if she had of eaten more.

I love that her two bottom teeth are showing in this picture, she also has  four new teeth on top that came in pretty much all at the same time.

Sorry that it has taken me a while to do a new post on this blog... my email app on my phone messed up and I wasn't receiving emails on my phone nor would it allow me to send any. That is how I normally put pics on this blog is by taking the pictures with my phone and emailing them to myself! Therefore, I wasn't able to put any new pictures up on here... It is now finally fixed so I have a few new posts to do now haha!

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