Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner

As those of you that read my blog probably already know.. Last month I was in a wedding. The bride and I have been friends since we were two years old! She was definitely one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen before, so today's post is just a couple pictures from her rehearsal dinner.

This first picture is one of my absolute favorites! Everyone looks so amazing, and it really is a great picture. In this picture you will find from left to right: Kayla(bridesmaid), Me(bridesmaid), Angel(bridesmaid), the beautiful bride Merissa, Merissa's mom Renee, Bethany (bridesmaid and one of mine and Merissa's childhood friends, again since we were like two haha), Laura (maid of honor), Vanya(bridesmaid and now sister-in-law), and Merissa's step-mom Jen... Wheew.... that was a lot to type haha!

Haha... I honestly am not 100% sure what everyone is doing in this picture. I knew we were taking it, but I just thought we were all standing like before. Guess I should've been paying more attention.

This was such a fun weekend, and her wedding was a total blast, and definitely the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!

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