Saturday, August 6, 2011

You know you're in the country when...

This was my adventurous trip with my husband to Wal-Mart yesterday! Here's what happened to was so crazy and rediculous.....
So we pulled into the parking lot, and you know how some people will turn down a row and stop because they are waiting for the people pulling out so they can get that spot? Well there were 2 cars, one pulled down the row and stopped almost right afterwards(which was fine they weren't in the way), well the car in front of us just decided to literally stop with noone in front of them or blocking their way or anything(I don't know what they were doing, but they decided not to let anyone pass them even though noone was cutting them off. The little truck that was trying to leave the row had enough room to go around them so they did and the people layed on the horn for no reason. So since we had been just sitting there my husband decides to go around and pull through also and she once again layed on her horn honking and starts yelling... Well my husband decides to get out of the car and yells, "well then get the F out of the way!" I put it into nicer terms lol! She really was making me mad and acting so incredibly rude to everyone and for no reason. I could have understood her getting angry if we were cutting her off or taking her parking space but noone was in her way at all!! Let me add that we were also right in the front so we couldnt back up or turn around because she was blocking all traffic. It just really made no sense whatever she was doing. What made her look even more crazy is that she started yelling and throwing her hands everywhere like she was trying to act(to put it bluntly and I mean it in a totally non-racial way) like she was in the middle of the hood.... I mean seriously lady? We are in the freaking country for crying out loud haha!! I understand acting like that with those hand gestures if you have a reason too but all because someone passes you and is actually totally out of your way is a bit insane! It was sorta funny though that as we were getting out of the car the woman who passed in the truck before us thanked us for saying something to get because she was about to beat her A haha!! What an ending to a dumb adventure lol!
Afterwards on the way home my hubby and I joked about how the only time I have crazy adventures is with him but they all seem to end up negatively haha....but in a funny way!

hope your wal-marts are just as crazy as ours,

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