Friday, August 5, 2011

Not very happy!

Last night was Michael's open house at his school and you won't believe what happened... no pictures were taken and I am about to tell you why.

Everything started off great...we got there and found out his teacher and we were all soooo happy because she is sooo nice. He actually had her for his reading teacher in kindergarten and they moved her to first grade. After we went to see his classroom we had to go to the gym and meet the bus drivers to see which bus he would be riding. This is where things went wrong...

As we were talking to the bus drivers and none of them could figure out who was the driver that came where we live, one finally asked us to come with her because our house isn't in their school district anymore. We met up with the principal and then found out that he wasn't even suppose to be in that school last year either (but yet they let us enroll him)!!! So we ended up leaving and going to try and find his new school (we were not happy at all)!!! We did find the other school and luckily they were having their open house also so we were able to enroll him thank goodness... Today I got a phonecall from his new teacher and she seems super nice thankfully. She had already left by the time we got to the new school last night. Being able to get to talk to her as long as I did really made me feel sooo much better about the fact that he has to go to a new school.

Hopefully your open houses went smoother than ours did. Atleast the ending result seems to be looking up though!

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