Thursday, August 4, 2011

Busy day and Dr. Appointments

So yesterday was a super busy day! My lil angel had her four month checkup yesterday so my sister offered to watch Michael. This is why my day turned out to be soooo husband brought me my car so we loaded up and had to take him to work. Then after we dropped him off I had to head over to my sister's house to drop Michael off. I was there for about 15 minutes then had to head back in the direction of my hubby's job so that I could go to the hospital (where Elizabeth's appointments are). After we were done there I went back to Catelin's and got Michael. I was just going to hang out with her for a while before Rob got off work but he called and needed me to bring him something for work out of the car. So we loaded back up and drove to his work. Originally I was only going to be there for just a second then was going to have to go back to Catelin's and then back again to his work but ended up just waiting there. Which was nice because I was with him but it was awful because there was no air...just a fan haha!!! Atleast it was still cooler than the 103 degrees that it was outside!!!

This is little munchkin is going into 1st grade next week and they have their open house tonight!! I can't believe he is already in 1st grade!!! Maybe this time I won't forget my camera... here lately I have had a horrible habbit of forgetting it when we go places.

On the down side to my busy day yesterday and the exciting thing we get to do later is that Elizabeth has gotten a little cold :( she got shots yesterday!! I feel so bad and I just want her to feel better! I got up at 2:30 am to feed her and she was freezing so I cuddled with her and she fell asleep with me on the couch. Then when she woke up early this morning she was absolutely burning up!!! So I gave her some of the medication her Dr. gave me in case she ran a fever (shots can make then do that)!!! Poor little baby not only that but she has a horribly stuffy nose... she will be better soon though!!!!

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