Saturday, September 6, 2014

DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

This blog use to be such a huge passion of mine... and I hate that it gets neglected far too much! So if any of you are still out there reading this here is how I did a total DIY birthday party for Landon's first birthday!!

He decided to start his birthday off with a "no pants kinda day" haha!

To start off with I bought blank bags from Michael's craft store and a pack of construction paper... so for Minnie and Mickey I bought solid black bags and for Pluto and Daisy(not pictured) I had solid white bags. I cut out yellow construction paper and covered the white bag for Pluto!

I thought making food labels was a cute idea... so that's what I did! We had "Minnie's Macaroni" which we used Bow Tie pasta for, "Goofy's Garden" for veggies, "Hot Diggity Dogs" which were pigs in a blanket, "Figaro's Fruity Drinks", "CLUBhouse Sandwiches" which were just sandwiches we made, and "Chips and Dale" which were chips and dip!

 I almost made one for the utensils and labeled it "Handy Helpers".. I bought white card stock from Michael's crafts and stickers from the scrapbook section at Michael's as well.

My dad made the sign and I took paints and painted it.

 My hubby made the cake to be the shape of Mickey's head and then the top half was black and the bottom half was red with two places to look like the buttons on his pants.
I would also like to point out that at the last minute we realized we forgot something to put the cake on haha.... so I used cardboard from a box and wrapped it with aluminum foil!
The labels for his name I made with stars that came in one of the Mickey Mouse craft kits from Michael's.. they had sticky pieces on the back already so they stuck perfectly to toothpicks to go down in the cake!
Since Landon's party was in the summer we were originally going to have it outdoors, but it ended up being WAY too hot, so we did it in my mom's church instead!

He was so sleepy in the pics above but I still wanted to share.. I don't have a good pic of his shirt to show you... but I made it as well! I bought him a plain white t-shirt and cut black felt in the shape of Mickey's head, along with a red number one made with felt. Then I used fabric glue to glue them to the shirt!

I forgot to take a good pic of the centerpieces but if you look closely at the balloons you can see a peek of the red... I used old formula cans ,or coffee cans work too, and painted them red. I painted the lids to them black, and then painted two white circles on the cans for Mickey's buttoms... then I poked a tiny hole in the top for the string for the balloons... this probably would've worked way better if the balloons had helium!

For his invite I went digital... and FREE haha! I used a website called and I really love the way they turned out! Please note that the party hats and balloons are not part of the invite.. I added those on picmonkey to cover up personal information!

In the end I was really happy with the way it all turned out and got lots of compliments!! I would love to hear some of your DIY parties... right now I am planning a DIY glow-in-the-dark Nerf party for Michael who will be 10 this month!!


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