Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIY Fall Photos

Last year it was really important to me to start capturing photos of all three of my kids together.. So I had to start getting creative when it came to doing their fall picture myself, since I am not a photographer.

I am actually super happy with how they turned out.... and they are super festive too haha!!

Finding a place to take the picture was a really simple decision. We have a tree in our front yard where tons of leaves fall every year. So I knew I had to take the picture right after they fell or they would all be gone soon after. For decorations I used not only the leaves that had just fallen, but some pumpkins we had just purchased for Halloween, so before we carved them they became some extra decor haha! It took several shots just to get the above pic, since Landon was getting fussy and squirmy and the sunlight was shining right in their eyes.... but afterwards I did get lots of comments on it, so I am definitely pleased!

If any of you have any ideas for some DIY photos please let me know... I am always searching for ideas.. I do have several pinned on my pinterest if any of you are interest or in search of some inspiration! Also, we even did a DIY Easter shoot of the kids, so I will have to remember to share it with you all when it gets closer to time.

DIY momma some days haha,

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