Sunday, April 13, 2014

Princess Sofia Birthday!

Elizabeth's third birthday party was last week. Still can hardly believe she is already three! I started this vlog just right before she was born, so it only feels right to share with everyone.

She wanted to have a Sofia birthday party so that is what we did. After we celebrated at home she had also informed us months ago that she wanted to go to the zoo haha. Which was fine with us, since it is free here anyways.

I used things that she already had in her room for decorations. Like her singing teapot for a centerpiece, and her play castle that she actually got last year for her birthday.
I even set up a little princess table with beads on the chairs, more pieces of her play castle, and her money bank castle that usually stays on her dresser since it is breakable!
Her tiara was $2 well spent haha! She love wearing it!

Clearly I got a little carried away taking pictures!

More decorations! Usually I hang balloons from the lights... but this year I hung the lanterns that you can buy at Wal-Mart instead.
The princess card from her brothers that her oldest brother picked out.... and the Sofia card from Mommy and Daddy!
Her Sofia dress! This was the first gift she opened because I wanted her to be able to wear it. This dress has been the best $20 I ever spent haha! She literally wants to wear it ALL the time.. she even wore it to the zoo and little girls wanted to come up and talk to her because of her wearing it lol... Too Cute!

On Daddy's shoulders at the zoo... as you can see he was doing double duty pushing the stroller with Landon in it too haha!

I almost forgot to get a picture of all three of them! This was right before we left.... she was starting to get fussy and didn't want to take a pic. BTW... the gold thing is a frog statue.

I took other pictures too but they were all on my camera and haven't been uploaded yet to my laptop. These were the ones I had on my phone.

Hope you all enjoyed sorta celebrating with us!


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