Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick update and a birthday party!

First off.. Happy Birthday to the big boy in my house who is 8 today!!! It really doesn't seem like he should be haha!
Last night we decided to throw a little mini surprise party for him since my Hubby isn't able to be here today. He left early this morning to go out of town for his job. So we threw together a little party complete with decorations! My Mom is also in town this week, and he wanted to go out for pizza tonight, so we are celebrating again and he will be getting his presents from her tonight! Michael doesn't know yet, but after Rob is back from being out of town we are taking him and his cousin for a lazer tag day to celebrate again haha! His cousin's birthday is October 1st, so its for both of their birthdays. I think he will have a blast, he has never played before. Personally, I love laser tag haha.. And I won't lie, I wasn't too shabby at it back in the day either lol!
Now for my update! My internet is out right now, but I will be doing my best to blog from my phone when I can!
I hope you are all having a fantabulous Tuesday!

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