Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chicken A La Skillet

My new favorite way to cook chicken lately has been in a skillet. So the other day when we had it for dinner and my son said, "This is reeaalllyy good!" I knew it was safe to share my recipe with all of you haha!

It's really simple.. I start off with a big skillet and raw chicken tenders. I put just enough extra virgin olive oil in the skillet, just enough to coat it. I usually put only about 5 of the tenders in it to start with, because as they cook they do shrink up some. Once they are in the skillet I sprinkle Natures seasoning, roasted garlic and herb, lemon pepper, and Montreal chicken seasoning over the tenders. Then I let them cook on one side for a couple minutes, turn them over and put the same ingredients on them again. the trick is to continuously season them the whole time so that they are really flavorful! And voila!!! Your chicken a la skillet haha..

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