Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday! A Special Post!

The other day I did a fun little meet my brother post with a jigsaw puzzle revealing his picture. Well... today's post is about him too. I don't always do posts for birthdays other than the little ones, but today's birthday is a special one. My little brother turned 21 today!! As crazy as it sounds, you heard me right, my little brother. Who is 6 foot something haha! So I decided to share some pictures from throughout the years with all of you. Happy Birthday little brother! I Love You!!

Little Dalton... wasn't he so cute? I love the one of him on the diving board with his little floaties haha!
Here is an upclose picture of the train one. When he was a baby he LOVED trains. This is actually a picture of the picture hanging on the wall at my parent's lol!
Here we are at his high school graduation! See, he is much taller than me haha. I am only 5' if that gives you an idea. He might actually be a little taller now.
This pic was taken when he was in college. I am not sure exactly where he is at, I just found this one on his Facebook haha!
Now his college graduation! I unfortunately had to miss this... It was the day we were leaving town before we moved and were heading to visit my hubby's family before moving to where we are now. We were suppose to head out of town after his graduation. But the day before, which was my birthday I might add, a buzzard flew into the windshield of our rental vehicle and shattered it, and we weren't able to get it fixed until this day!

As you can tell by the date, this was taken in October of last year haha. So it was taken six months before the last one. I just added it because I like it!

This is a picture of Dalton with my mom's bestie, her name is Elizabeth, just like my daughter's. No that wasn't intentional haha! I just like his smile in this pic..
I suppose this was taken late last night before he left for work. Just opened up his birthday present from our parents.
Last, but not least, out to dinner with our wonderful mama for his birthday! By the way... my mom is really tall too, close to 5' 10" haha.

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