Saturday, February 22, 2014

My mini me!

I am sure you have all noticed that it has been a lil while since my last post! I have had so many electronic issues the last 6 months or so that it has been unreal! On the plus side though, I finally got my new phone last week and my new laptop was suppose to arrive by Thursday but there was a delay, so it won't be here until either Monday or Tuesday now.

Luckily, since I so have my new phone I am able to do some short and sweet lol blog posts for you all until my laptop gets here.

Elizabeth wanted to have some fun and take some pictures with me the other day while waiting to daddy. Let me go ahead and inform you that she never wants me to be the one taking pictures of her! She is now at the age where she wants to do it herself...

Love it when she wants to make silly faces with me!

I know that it has also been a while since any pictures of Landon or Michael was posted, so my next post is going to be some pictures from this Christmas! I also filmed a Christmas morning video, so you can check that video out on my Youtube channel. You are all going to be shocked at how big Landon has gotten as well as Michael!


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