Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I was going to post...plus a funny story

I originally had some really cute pictures from our walk around D.C. Friday night that I was going to post... there was even a couple pictures of Elizabeth in front of the White House! But sadly, like I have mentioned before in another post, my phone doesn't always want to cooperate and send the pictures from it to my email. So as of right now I don't have any new pictures to share with you all...

Wanna know what's been going on with me though? Well... yesterday I fell down the stairs.. it's kind of a funny story but I honestly thought I broke my tailbone. I just injured it though, so it still hurts to bend over or sit down, and even to walk sometimes!

What happened was this, I was changing Elizabeth's diaper upstairs and didn't realize it until I was almost done that I didn't have enough wipes to finish up (she had a really dirty diaper haha), so I was left with no choice but to carry her downstairs and get her other wipes. Since she wasn't totally clean I had to carry her with me otherwise it would've been a total mess everywhere (plus I didn't want to leave her upstairs by herself)...

Anyways, being that she still had a little bit of poop on her I didn't want to hold her too close to me and I was kinda holding her out from me.. I was almost to the bottom of the stairs and she started wiggling and throwing a fit, I lost my balance and fell down about 4, maybe even 5, steps. I don't know exactly how many I fell down, but everytime I hit a step I landed on my tailbone. The not so funny part of the story is that I was holding Elizabeth and she did fall, but thankfully she was perfectly ok. Her foot was a little red, but she immediately got up and was running around and took off trying to play! Of course I had to grab her because I still had to finish cleaning her up! She wasn't too awfully dirty thank goodness... So I wasn't cleaning up a huge mess everywhere!

That's the story of how I hurt my butt haha! It sounds funny to say, but it really did hurt. I called my mom to ask her what breaking your tailbone feels like, since she has broke her's before when she was younger. Her description was nothing like mine and I do feel better today.

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