Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hanging by the Pool

Yesterday was a really busy day... we all woke up super early to get ready. First, we had to go to my hubby's work and then we followed some of the guys he works with to a park where we were going to for his company's cookout! After we were there for a few hours we finally were able to leave (I say finally because Elizabeth was incredibly sleepy and cranky since she woke up about four hours earlier than usual)...

I was excited though because we were off to the pool afterwards haha! My husband's cousin's fiance (woah, that's a lot to say) had invited us to come swimming.. I was so worried it would storm when we got there since there was a HUGE dark dark raincloud right over us, but luckily it passed on by so we could enjoy a couple of hours at the pool.

Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera all day long... but Angie (cousin's fiance) snapped a quick picture with her iphone since I left mine in the car by accident haha!

The kids had soooo much fun and definitely didn't want to get out of the water... Elizabeth looked so cute in her Hello Kitty bikini hehe, and I was super proud of Michael who kept having to show me how he can go under water and hold his breath now haha!

It's so nice to have him home...

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